What Is More Suitable for You- Paragliding or Skydiving

Do you cherish a dream of flying like a hawk? Well, it is not an impossible task. The introduction of the modern technologies makes this impossible dream of man, gets possible. Recently there are several options to fulfill this desire that was beyond the imagination of the people, living in the early age. You can go for a try of flying an airplane, a hang glider or a paraglide, skydiving and indoor skydiving. In the following discussion, you will get some information about the two flying sports-Para gliding and skydiving. Let’s explore which one is more suitable for you.


This is a recreational activity that can provide you tremendous adventure. The technology or aircraft, used in paragliding are very simple and user-friendly. They are often referred as “wings”. An ordinary paraglide comprises a fabric wing and a harness. There is no hard wing and cockpit like the hang glider has. This is one of the prime reasons for the popularity of this sport. Paraglide is quite light and does not take much space. Moreover, it is pocket-friendly and for this, it becomes more considerable to the huge number of people.

Powered Paragliding

Motorized paragliding is a form of ultralight aviation where the pilot puts on a motor on his back so that it provides enough thrust, owing to get a smooth and swift take off. It is the most convenient flying mode that has already gained high acclamation from the people.

This flying sport can give you a good amount of control over the flight. So, it can be said that it is quite safe for you.


It is similar to the former mode of flying sport. It is due to the similarities of the equipment of the both sports. But perhaps the similarities end here. Skydiving is an extreme and risky mode of sport which involves jumping with the parachute from an airplane. The techniques of flying are absolutely different from the hang gliders. Skydiving involves some practical activities that get used in the military field as a safety mechanism for the airmen. The skydiving jumps continue less than the para gliding as the jump is simply a movement from up to down instead of the horizontal flying. This flying sport is risky as there is less control in it than the former.

Paraglide vs Skydive

There are two more advantages of the former mode of flying. In the Para gliding flights, you have mush control and you can fly much longer. You can also choose a direction and could fly according to your wishes. The second benefit of paraglide is that you don’t need an airplane to fly. Instead, just find a hill and run and begin to fly.

So, have you noticed the advantages of paraglide? If yes, please think of having a good flight. But you need to find out the best agency in this respect to experience a good flight.

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